Buller Brewery

In Over 18 on July 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Cerveza Casera

Buller Pub & Brewer

Ote. Roberto Mortiz 1827, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 011-4313-0287

Bar Critic: Great selection on lager, pale ale, honey beers; they also have sample beer selections, beer mixes, etc. One of our beer lover even critic their honey beer as one of the best beers he had- that is a big compliment. I loved my honey beer, though my favorite is still the Canadians’ micro-brew beers.

Restaurant Critic: The menu holds hearty selections that goes along with their beers: pizza, sandwiches, nachos, onion rings. They were all good, especially when they hold loads of oil and salt content 🙂 After the end of the night I see other tables ordering the “Nibbles Tower”, which looks amazing. Two tiers of cold cuts, nibbles, fried galores- what is not to like?


  • great beer selections
  • pub is right next to BA Design Center, National Art Museum and the traditional cemetery in which Evita resides


  • getting drunk and bloatingly full. BURP.

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