Why Yoga?

In Yogi Writing on August 3, 2010 at 3:36 pm

I have a quick fiery temper, impatience is my virtue, meaningless tasks and conversations bore me, and multitasking is a delightful concept. With all those traits combined, how did I fall in love with yoga– a hobby that is the complete opposite of me? It is not because I can do inversions and able to show off my flexibility. Well, maybe i do have a small smile when I can fly in the air for a few seconds.

A yoga class is all about the yoga teacher; the ability for the teacher to catch me for a hour and a half in complete presence, the entertaining structure of the class and the great instructions of the teaching.

A good class is the bringing of one’s body, the monkey-mind, and the lost awareness all into ‘One’. Only then, my mind is alert, breathe is clear, the sheer mind focusing on every move–each strand of muscle are contracting and releasing, and suddenly the layers peeling away as the practice gets challenging. The favorite moments are the ones when self-realization arrives: negative thoughts, impatience, joy of accomplishing, the judging critical eye, and so on. Finally, once lying down in Savasana, my monkey-mind has progressed into guru-mind, my body is lighter, and I realize patience is a virtue.

How yoga is different than other ‘sports’ is, with a great mentor/teacher, the journey on the mat is the beginning of a new perception on life and such pertaining to it. At least, for me that is. Off the mat, I have become much more calmer, less impatient, and am still learning to listen to others.

  1. Yoga is not a sport. It is used solely to prepare the body for meditation before all the adulterations from the west.

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