Train Bandits

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on August 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm

The Train Station

The great thing about our apartment is, we live right by the train station, which means we are also right next to the taxi stand. Taxi stands are located at every train stations. This is how close we are to the train station; if we fall out of our window, we’ll land right on the roof of the train.

Quirk of the train station: The other day, being a law-abiding residence in BA we spend 5 minutes at the ticket machine purchasing our .80 peso/per ticket as streams of people pass through the train station without tickets or swiping cards. We got confused. Why aren’t they paying for their fares?

So we asked around and realize people in general don’t pay to go on trains; they just hop on and hop off.

Our jaws dropped- Really??

So yesterday, we stumbled around in the rain, drunk after 2 bottles of wine, debating either to wait in the long line of taxi or take the train tomamos el tren. A minute of pause came between us and I know we were both deciding to pay the fares or just jump on. Before we could even decide, the train came, we looked at each other, shrugged and jumped on. “C’mon”, we argued. “It was just one stop and we didn’t want to spend over 5 minutes at the old ticket machine, struggling to get our tickets.”

We got off at the next stop and so far we haven’t been caught. Crossing fingers.

The should-already-be-retired ticket machines in BA

  • they only accept coins
  • they only accept perfect change
  • they don’t accept every coin
  • they just don’t work
  1. Does that mean that your place can be quite noisy? One thing I don’t like about our apt is the noise. Check with the local police to see if there are ordinances or penalty for not paying the fare. Would they enforce it against foreigners if not against locals? especially if the foreigner is applying for an Argentinian citizenship? Can’t u just buy 1 ticket & keep it in ur pocket at all times, just in case. “Oh, I thought the ticket I bought last month still works”, etc.

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