Mas despacio, por favor

In Culture, I'm a Newbie on August 6, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Since a few days ago, I’ve started my 90 minute spanish class with a tutor everyday. The first day, as we opened the first unit, the lessons start pouring out, “me llamo ……., cuantos anos tenes, donde vivis, que haces”, soon the high school memories came flowing right back. I hated this back then, how will it be different now? Omg- Ayudame por favor! How am I ever going to be fluent?

After a few days of persistence and determination, the horrific memories has eased up. Being in Buenos Aires is a big plus and the luxury of private tutoring isn’t too bad. All this may just be the solution to overcome my Asian genes-fear of failure. I have now immersed myself into the language, making up situations to talk more, and asking questions that pertains to my everyday needs- words I can use at the local butcher, cheese shops, restaurants and markets. I’m starting to see the possibility of liking this language.

Words that are helpful this week:

  • ya voy: I’m coming
  • buen fin de la semana: have a good weekend
  • desmasiado: too much
  • misma: same
  • un poquiti menos o mas: a little bit less or more
  • jugoso-a punto- bien cocido: rare-medium rare- cooked well
  • El precio incluge viaje?: does the price include transportation?
  • nos vemos: we’ll see each other
  • ahi-aca-aqui: there-here-here
  • casada: married
  • Mas despacio, por favor: much slower, please

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