What does it mean to Declutter?

In Yogi Writing on August 14, 2010 at 12:18 am


Inspired by Max Strom’s Recent Post,  What Do You Value Most? Take the Ten-Item -Test

In a Yoga Practice, as the mind complicates, judges and frustrates; the reassuring continuance of the breathe (Pranayamas) and the movements (Asanas) cleanse, purify and calms. On the mat, our practice is meant to inspire. It switches on our awareness, revives our soul and activates our inner energy. This is our body decluttering, taking out the trash and enabling space for discovery. This cleanse feels great after every yoga practice, but how does one relate it to the reality of life?

Declutter is the act of simplifying. Unfortunately it is not that simple. And only until to a point our everyday trash accumulates and the stink becomes unbearable that we surrender, which forces ourselves to the brink of giving in to clean, and clean some more.

I did it today. It is the courage of letting go of the habitual ways, which today for me surprisingly opened the space for possibilities- renovation and growth. It definitely took me courage with no more excuses.

This is an example of bringing a daily practice off my mat and into my life. I decluttered and re-organized my emails. It felt liberating and inspiring; a decade of emails 5000+, all finally categorized- my inbox now finally down to 26 emails. It feels good. Real good.

Through this scary step of decluttering, I remembered lost-friends, recalled memories and re-cherished experiences. Now, there are a list of friends I am inspired to write, as well as articles friends send that I am going to put aside to read soon.


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