Old Traditional Cafe

In Cafes, Drink n Sip & Lick on August 19, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Petite Colon Cafe at Plaza Lavalle

I ventured into the capital for an appointment and decided to visit a well-known cafe prior to the meeting. Sitting right by the window, looking out at a beautiful park, with my cafe com leche (coffee with milk) and 3 medialunas de grasa (croissants made with fat)- it was all worth the 1+ hour transportation time.

Petite Colon Cafe

Libertad 505, San Nicolas, Buenos Aires

Cafe Critic: Beautiful historic cafe located right by Plaza Lavalle, right off the station Tribunales. My bill with coffee and croissants came to 17 pesos+ tip. Not bad. It is definitely a place to take visitors.


  • love the interior and exterior of the cafe
  • impressed by the elderly waiters with towels drape over their arm as they float around and serve
  • by Plaza Lavalle and right off the station Tribulanes


  • their medialunas de grasa are okay. I’ll most likely try other kinds of postre (dessert) next time.

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