Rosa Negra-The Steakhouse

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The Black Rose

The Meat Phase

The I'm Drunk Phase.

Rosa Negra- a beautiful dining experience introduced by a great couple

Dardo Rocha 1918- Partido de San Isidro- Buenos Aires 47172685

I have heard stories about Rosa Negra. Foodies who come to order steak for their main dish and then another steak for dessert. That is how impressive the steaks here are.

Hearing that, I was super excited when we were all making plans to go here Saturday night. The ambiance was beautiful and surprisingly the menu was not towards high-end prices. Main dishes goes from 40~50 pesos, around $10~15 dollars per main dish. The focus of the evening was meat with great company… and of course countless drinks. I finally had my first martini in Buenos Aires, following up with another two great drinks and endless pours of reds. I’m surprised sitting here writing this, I can still remember the dining experience. Well, at least the eating part of it. The bill came down to 250 pesos per person (50 dollars), though I am sure reducing the amount of alcohol next time- it will be more than affordable to have a beautiful dining experience with friends and families.

Restaurant Critic: It is a beautiful place with impeccable service. The meat was good but didn’t blow my mind. Interesting as I was judging while chewing; the friend who took us here, also said it wasn’t the best meat he had there. With the overall experience, I definitely would go back for another try.


  • the grilled provolone cheese
  • love their bread basket
  • flavorful meat
  • amazing bartender- great drinks
  • beautiful ambiance
  • great service


  • passable dessert.. or was I too drunk to critic it?
  • basic side dishes: mash potatoes, salad, grilled vegetable, mash sweet potatoes

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