The Display of Sweet Indulgent

In Cafes, Drink n Sip & Lick on August 25, 2010 at 10:30 pm

Endless Pastries

And accompanying me were endless men at the counter

I walked in this cafe, ready to find a nice spot right by the window to enjoy my coffee; before I realize it, my motor neurons were controlled by the pastries at the counter. And here I was standing right at it, talking to the waiter, “Un chico cortado y medialuna por favor.” Then, I looked around and realized I was THE petite asian girl surrounded by endless men at the counter sipping away, as they throw me side glances. Of course, the women were all properly sitting at tables with their fellow friends chatting away. Wait y’all, let me pull out my canon camera that is half the size of me and draw more attention as I try to find the perfect angel for my pictures. It was great.

Florida Garden

Florida 899, Buenos Aires 11-4312-7902

Cafe Critic: It is one of those traditional cafe with waiters in their white suits giving spectacular service. The environment, coffee and pastry were all excellent. It was a surprisingly great break from the touristy Florida street and I willingly paid a very affordable 10 pesos.


  • my first time trying the medialuna filled with strawberry jam. I liked it.
  • local ambiance in a touristy area
  • endless pastry choices
  • great people watching place
  • one block away from St.Martin Plaza- a beautiful big park


  • not a fan of the people haggling at the tourist area, Florida street
  • I’ll probably go next time just for the cafe but not the area around it

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