The Pancake and Burger House

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on August 27, 2010 at 12:29 am

Are you hungry?

Carlitos- The King of Pancakes Rey del panqueque

Corner of Alfaro and the Train de la Costa, Acassuso, Buenos Aires (there are a few all over the city, check their website for more locations:

Pancake Critic: There are over 600 selections of pancakes ranging from sweet to savory. The owner definitely lived up to his name, ‘The King of Pancakes.’ I studied the menu, cursing my limited Spanish for not knowing every single fillings and toppings; envious of the various orders of piled- high-dessert pancakes coming out of the kitchen. Good thing I was told to order pancake #99: Roquefort, avocado, bacon and onion Roquefort palta panceta y cebolla. My pancake had crispy bacon with generous amount of avocado oozing out of it- it was heaven.

Hamburger Critic: This place is also highly recommended for their burgers. I am quoting Duff, who devoured that burger, “The meat gets a solid 9/10, but the burger fails to deliver with the buns, and we all know boys- it is all about the buns.” ……….


  • over 600 selections of pancakes
  • hearty serving sizes
  • right by our apartment
  • great burgers and fries


  • the burger bun could have been better
  • wish there was an English menu to tantalize me more
  • if they could switch to bottled ketchup/mayo/mustard instead of packets. I killed the environment today, using 10+ packs.
  1. […] usually have burger joints at every block, we’ve already discovered 4 in our neighborhood: Carlitos, Pepino, Embers and Palo Verde. Someone must have told them the north american couple was moving in […]

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