How is my practice similar to life?

In Yogi Writing on August 30, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Finding Zen in this chaotic World.

What I like about a yoga practice is the rawness and the transparency of one-self. It is likewise to a life lesson shortened into 90 minutes, a great roller coaster ride..over and over again. As the poses gets hard and the mind turns chaotic, the repetitive teachings of steadiness and breath, purifies the body and mind for compassionate actions and clear decision making.

Like life, the practice resembles the chaotic people and lessons along the way-good and bad. They bring blunt awareness to what may be unclear in terms of behavior, morals, virtues and spiritual growth. These life lessons/mistakes tend to repeat themselves until one decides to shift perspective and make permanent changes for the better.

With the practice of yoga, it has helped me with discipline, slowing down my actions, building constructive communication and embracing what may come my way. Similar to yoga, these changes are very hard; the body and mind is naturally stubborn. It takes a whole lot of time, courage, humbleness, forgiveness and empowerment. Don’t give up what nurtures, even if the subject may get painfully sensitive that masking it with avoidance and superficial pleasure feels like the best way to go.

In all, quality of life is better with the practice of yoga. I have both yoga and life to thank. Without both, I will probably not be writing this. 🙂


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