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Crepe-like Dessert with choices of Red Bean Filling or Custard Cream Filling

Taiwanese Snacks: Luo Mi, Ba Wan and such

Mi Xian Geng: Flavorful Soup-LIke Dish with Thin Rice Noodle, Bamboo, Tofu and Mushroom

Comida Taiwanesa- Finding Authentic Taiwanese Food

Mendoza 1629, Belgrano, Buenos Aires 15-6585-4299 (right next to Supermercado Asia oriental)

*They are only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00~18:00

A few weeks ago, I spotted this tiny shop, since then we’ve religiously come back every weekend for our Taiwanese cravings. Taiwanese Cuisine is all about street food (street snacks); going to restaurants isn’t common, unless they are celebrations of some sort. Therefore for anyone to prove authenticity outside Taiwan, is the ability to master a few great selections of street food and keeping the cost similar to prices back home. I can never bring myself to approve street food that are served in high priced restaurant settings. This shop has my approval 100%- I am very impressed with the authentic flavor, simplicity and price. Though, I shouldn’t be surprised. Everywhere I walk in Barrio Chino, I can hear Taiwanese here and there; maybe they should rename it to Barrio Taiwanesa.

A sample of street food in Taiwan:

Restaurants Critic: If you are looking for a quick yummy bite without the ambiance- this is the place to go. The shop is small with only a table and two chairs, most people buy it to go or eat around the streets. Don’t feel overwhelmed because the food looks unfamiliar; everything is good. This is also a vegetarian venue, for all the vegetarians out there. (I haven’t yet told my carnivore husband who loves this place.. )


  • the noodle is very flavorful and is served with 2 pieces of fried vegetarian meat, cilantro and a dash of white pepper.
  • crepe-like filling is just gorgeous. I love the red bean filling, crispy on the outside and creamy in the inside.
  • Ba Wan (the round-shape in the grill pan)-  sticky, chewy glutinous rice skin with vegetarian meat and bamboo filling, served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • yummy ‘pork’ buns served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • chewy glutinous rice with peanuts covered with fried dough served with soy sauce and chili sauce
  • we had a bun, noodle soup, dessert, glutinous rice, ba wan- all for 14.5 pesos ($3.50)!


  • I would love to have more varieties to choose from
  • if they can open daily instead of just the weekend
  • providing more sitting area

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