The Mate Experience

In Culture, I'm a Newbie on September 1, 2010 at 8:07 pm

mmMm I can't wait


A week ago, my tutor introduced to me the ‘real mate experience’. She shaked her head when I proudly exclaimed that I drank mate! .. Well, I drank yerba tea bags, not ‘the mate’. So, I was very excited the morning she came with all her mate preparations.

Mate Critic: It is definitely 10 times stronger than my normal yerba tea bag experience; it might even surpass the caffeine level of my daily coffee- hence my heart rate racing after 5 minutes of drinking it. The taste is similar to rich dark musky green tea in the northwest of China. I will definitely try it again, especially when it has great health benefits. Though I am not a fan of sharing straws, as well as the inability to scrub the inside of the bombilla.


  • traditional mate commonly made from squash, which also includes a bombilla (metal straw)
  • yerba tea
  • hot water, but not boiling
  • sugar (optional)


  1. Fill the mate with yerba tea; pour the hot water until it just covers the tea.
  2. Gently refill, by pouring onto the bombilla, to contain taste. Refill until taste is completely gone, about 5 refills.

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