The Voice that Touches

In Over 18 on September 3, 2010 at 3:49 pm

The small head shot of Fede does not give him justice at all

We were invited to Fede’s first performance in Buenos Aires at the Notorious Club. We were ecstatic to hear him sing; it made me miss my closest friend who is an amazing songwriter/jazz singer with an angelic moving voice.  (

Back to the show. We were there at 9:30pm on a Thursday. Note that, we’re usually in bed by then. Tired with a stomach full of coffee and wine, I was still holding myself up with support and anticipation. The first set came, and we were a bit disappointed with the women singing, and Fede’s nowhere appearance; though with his partner’s continuing bragging and appraises, we eventually plowed through the first set with out eyelids open.

Then it happened. Fede walked on the stage joining his perfect Japanese entourage band and I knew that second… This was it. Jess will love him! This was all worth coming down on a Thursday night; the presence of him on stage, the richness of his voice, the serenity, the 1000+ expressions he displayed as he sang the melancholy lyrics were all truly breathtaking. Now I understand why his partner has that smile and twinkle, whenever Fede is being mentioned. 🙂

Notorious Jazz Club & Restaurant

966 Ave. Callao, Centro, Buenos Aires 11-4813-6888 (

For a quick review, since I was there just for the show, not for the venue. This place is known to be a Jazz spot. I loved the intimacy of the place, tucked right behind their music store. It is also very close to Station Callao, Subte A D.


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