Burger Me Again

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on September 6, 2010 at 11:28 am

Who doesn't want a bite of that?

The Embers Snack Bar- The Burger that has the Bun

Del Libertador Av. 1468, Acassuso, Buenos Aires 4792-1347

It was a beautiful, sunny day yesterday and instead of staying home eating leftovers, we decided to check out this American diner-like place right near our home. This place was strongly recommended by a few friends here and there and as a Burger Analyst, we were psyched to try out this high expectation burger. We sat down and was automatically drawn to the picture-menu of the burger with onion rings and fries. Little did we know, it was a double burgers meal with onions rings and fries; we end up having 3 burgers. Needless to say, we didn’t have much trouble licking it clean, although dinner was out of the question.

Restaurant Critic: Sitting outside in the sun, we loved what we saw. The small intimate diner-like space was busy with families and couples, all satisfying their sweet tooth, with pancakes, waffles and milkshakes. Not us.. we were ready for our burgers and beer.

Burger Critic: Overall, a good bite and flavor. It was a nice touch to have sesame hamburger buns, with a few slices of pickles, lettuce and tomatoes. The meat gets a 7/10, for being over grilled. The price of the burgers gets a 10/10.


  • Cmon! Two burgers with fries and onion rings, all for 52 pesos?!?
  • the thickness of the meat for a good meaty bite
  • great prices with perfect gentlemen services
  • thin-cut onion rings with a crispy exterior- just the way I like it
  • American sesame burger bun, instead of the traditional too-much-bread bun
  • bottled condiments instead of packages


  • fries were okay
  • prefer my meat patty with a little more juice to it 🙂
  • looking yet for a burger joint to have their ‘secret burger sauce’…
  1. Mmmm. If only there was a Whitespot here. I love their secret sauce.

  2. […] joints at every block, we’ve already discovered 4 in our neighborhood: Carlitos, Pepino, Embers and Palo Verde. Someone must have told them the north american couple was moving in with a real […]

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