Celebration Brunch

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on September 8, 2010 at 6:48 pm

Accompanying the Cheese Platter was the Bread Basket with Chutney and Champagne Jam

Scrambled Eggs with Powdered Black Olives and Roasted Red Peppers

Tapas for two: Olive in Parmesan Cheese and Poppy Seeds Crust, Phylo Wraps with Chicken Spinach and Mushrooms, PIzzetti with Brie and Gravlax, Braised Pork on Sweet Potatoes Chips, Grilled with Pesto and Pata Folie

Sirop Folie Resto & Tea Corner- An Intimate Tea & Bistro

Vincent Lopez 1661 Local 12, Tea Restaurant, Recoleta, Buenos Aires 4813-5900 (

*Brunch: Saturday and Sunday 11:00~17:00

This more than perfect place, was a great way to celebrate Aliza’s 30th birthday. The bistro is inside a quiet cobblestone alleyway, located right across from their Sirop restaurant. Walking in, is like stepping backward in time to the Austen’s Era; the food, ambiance and service brings about an elegance that funnily enough, resembles our birthday girl.  The food was exquisite and I would love to come back for their tea-time as well as trying out their restaurant.

Brunch Critic

The Brunch Menu

  1. Scrambled Eggs with Powdered Black Olives and Red Peppers (18 pesos)
  2. Cheese Platter, Bread Basket, with Chutney and Champagne Jam (56 pesos)
  3. Golden Potatoes with Sour Cream (16pesos)/ or 4 Medialunas of choice
  4. Ceasar Salad (19pesos)/or Yogurt Cereals
  5. Chocolate Ginger and Orange Pudding (17 pesos)

……………… or 168 pesos to get all of the above and share with someone, which also includes a glass of champagne for each. ¡Por Supuesto!  Of course, we’ll get the whole deal! We loved everything in general, my favorite being the creamy eggs and the crunchy flavorful potatoes. Though, the highlight of the meal is the Tapas selection, which is in the regular menu; each little bite was like an explosion happening in my mouth. mmMm.


  • food, ambiance and service- highly recommended
  • a venue that serves a rare great Blood Mary, try their Tandoori Mary (35 pesos)
  • affordable: the bill, if paid in cash gets a 10% off. With the food+ multiple drinks + tip, it ended up to be 100 pesos/person (25 dollars)


  • cheese platter was okay
  • champagne jam was a little too sweet to my taste

  1. I heart this place

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