Kitchenware Haven

In Shopping, The Piglet Oinking on September 9, 2010 at 7:48 pm

Is this Heaven?

Note: If you have an addiction to all things that involves cooking, do not continue reading.

My friend, a chef who studied cooking at Buenos Aires, invited me to go kitchen shopping at this famous street that sells wholesale kitchen equipments. I am so lucky. This street sells everything you can imagine at a great price, from personal use to restaurant settings- I wanted everything, sadly my budget says otherwise. We venture into Chef Equipamiento Integral Gastonómical store ( and I bought two petite quiche pans for 15 pesos ($3.80), an old-style local french oven for  60 pesos ($15) and a grill iron cheese plate for 40 pesps ($10); wanted badly to buy the beautiful big crystal wine glasses and champagne classes, but I’ll have to wait until the next escapade. This place is downtown, though it is worth the journey once getting there.

The Avenue Jujuy (around the Station Jujuy, Line AE)


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