Cheesecake Joy

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Torta de Chocolate con Dulce de Leche and Cheesecake Frutos Rojos

Parma Ham Sandwich with Mozzarella Sun Dried Tomatoes and Basil

Florencio Bistró & Patisserie- Highly Recommended Cheesecake

Pje. Francisco de la Vittoria 2363, La Isla Recoleta, Buenos Aires 11-4807-6477

Another location: Juan Francisco Seguí 4611, Palermo, Buenos Aires 11-4755-2088

I was drawn to try this place, listed in Planet Joy as one of the top 10 must-try dessert in Buenos Aires. ( I fell in love with the Recoleta location, which is right near greens and the river, tuck in a quiet street. The bistro itself, small and intimate, with just a few tables; walking in, the counter is presented with eye-catching desserts accompanying with well-knowledge friendly service right at the counter. Oh, I also saw Gael García Bernal. 🙂

Food Critic

The display of desserts when walking in are beautifully presented, enticing even the ones who don’t care for sweets. Even the few selections of salads, sandwiches and starters they have on the blackboard are well-made. My friend’s sandwich looks extremely mouth-watering..even after my tummy was filled with their desserts.


  • dense creamy cheesecake with fresh variety of berries- Duff loves cheesecake and he rates it 10.
  • helpful and friendly service
  • intimate space in a quiet street
  • I didn’t try the sandwich, but my friend loved it; the mozzarella cheese is thick, the bread crunchy and soft and with…sun-dried tomatoes. Don’t we all love sun-dried tomatoes?
  • half a portion of chocolate cake, a whole portion of cheese cake and coffee- 38 pesos (~$9). I love it.


  • unfortunately, the chocolate cake is a bit dry; I like my cake moist and flavorful.


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