Journey of Medialunas de Grasa Pt.1

In Shopping, The Piglet Oinking on September 20, 2010 at 9:36 am

Meidalunas at Belgrano Antigua

Medialunas at Dos Escudos

I love croissants. Actually, let me rephrase; I love anything that contains an abundant amount of butter. Buenos Aires doesn’t do the whole omelets, english muffins, waffles, pancakes, sausage and bacon breakfasts; instead, it is all about their coffee with some kind of pastry, and often enough- mini crossiants medialunas. And since I am left with no choices other than to consume these scrumptious medialunas everyday; I am bound to search the whole city for the best of the best. Tis this begins my journey to find the city’s best medialunas de grasa.

About Meidalunas: In Buenos Aires, croissants are seen everywhere, from coffee shops to pastry shops all around town. Here, there are two kinds of crossiants: meidalunas de manteca and medialunas de grasa. Both of them are different in taste and shape; medialunas de manteca is fluffier, much sweeter and slightly bigger, while medialunas de grasa is crunchy, chewy in the inside, narrow shaped and buttery. I have not yet come to like the medialunas de manteca, so for now, it is all about these buttery medialunas de grasa.

So how does one define a perfect medialuna de grasa? I love the way Planet Joy talks about it. Crispy on the outside without the corners being burnt or overly tough; the exterior crust has a light sweetness, and once the bite is taken, the interior is slightly salty, with a melt-in-your-mouth texture; the whole croissant can easily be hand-torn apart. I love it. (

Confitería Antigua Belgrano

Av. Cabilado 2077, Belgrano, Buenos Aires 4788-5829

I’ve passed by this busy pastry shop many times. Their croissants are highly recommended by me. Also, their desserts are quite eye-catching.


  • love that they have two selections of medialunas de grasa: slightly sweet exterior and the original unsweetened ones

Confitería Dos Escudos

Av. Las Heras 3014, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4805-4329

Recommended by Planet Joy as the best medialunas de grasa, I took the chance of trying it a few days ago.


  • the buttery saltiness all across the surface
  • flaky and easily torn apart


  • a little too greasy for me
  • compare to the Belgrano shop, it only has one kind of medialuna de grasa selection

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