Craving Sushi

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The Climax

Cleansing with Udon Noodle and Finishing with a Fish Shaped Ice-Cream Dessert

Ichiban- Great Sushi

Asamblea 1780, Flores, Buenos Aires 2637-2477

I was lucky enough to tag along with my old uncle and his family, the Taiwanese family who has been here for 30+ years. This has been their long time favorite Japanese place, tucked in the ‘korean town’ of the city. Even though the chef is Korean, he was trained as a sushi chef in Vancouver, and the food is inspired with no menu. For 75 pesos- it is well worth it.

Note: fresh fish comes in every Wednesday, so Thursday tends to have the freshest fish. Reservation required.

Sushi Critic

The fish was the highlight of the meal. The fresh fish, served in perfect temperature, melts-in-your-mouth, and having perfect cooked sushi rice is a big plus. I was impressed.


  • quiet Japanese setting, with wooden tables and polite service
  • well worth 75 pesos, especially without the fuss of ordering: salad, miso soup as a starter, following with 2~3 fried goodies and tofu soup, climaxing with a ship of fresh fish and finishing with udon hot pot
  • great sushi
  • dessert that brings back childhood memories: delicious Asian fruit-pops and fish-shaped vanilla ice cream


  • drinks and dessert not included
  • a little too far from San Isidro

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