What is perceived as important?

In Yogi Writing on October 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm

Taking showers is something we do everyday. For most of us, we either rush in and out, or relax and turn our minds off, or sit deep into a train of thoughts. Most likely we don’t view showers as something important enough for our mind to stay alert; to re-learn, feel and connect to how it feels to clean our body second by second. Well, I certainly don’t, though it is now tempting to try my new lesson, to perceive everything to be as important as maybe winning an Oscar? Or having lots of zero in my bank account?

This was what happened this week. I lost my ring. (As I am sharing this story, I can already hear my sister saying, “I told you so”.) Yup, that was me, during some time at the end of the night I realized something doesn’t feel right on my hand and all the negative thoughts start pouring in: with millions of possibilities running through my head, the hours of looking and a restless night filled with nightmares. The next morning before I called the plumber, I miraculously discovered the ring…in my mouth. I was finishing up the scrambled egg dish from last night, served as breakfast again to my husband, and something rock hard came up in my mouth. Yes, someone cooked her ring. Who does that? It was a miracle because I usually don’t keep leftovers around, and don’t finish up my husbands leftovers…and who would keep an egg dish overnight?

The point I’m trying to make here is, I’ve re-learned an important lesson. I’ve been reminded that staying focused and aware is not per se just in a yoga practice or in a work environment. Instead, it is treating everything else as important as sitting there meditating; it is the action of being respectful to life, connecting the mind and senses as we conduct and move through our daily routine. Habitually, it is too easy for a mind to drift when actions are repetitive, robotic, and fast; frustrating as it is, those few seconds of mindlessness opens up opportunities for harm: harming the self, others, or environment. And for me, since a young age, my weaknesses are my big useless ego, being too quick and my forgetful mind. All those together forms a bad combination. And that day, I know my mind was drifting to my very sick hungry other half on the couch as I vigorously cooked away, not knowing that moment that my ring was beaten right along with the eggs. Oopsy 🙂


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