Sight for Sore Eyes

In Shopping on October 21, 2010 at 11:11 pm

The Famous Confiteria

One-bite savories

My first pictures are made to show how delicious their medialunas are, unfortunately, their medialunas were getting sold out, so it was a bit hard to take great pictures. So here I am, making it up by using words to describe how delicious their medialunas are.

*I’ve yet to try their adjacent restaurant, highly recommended by my spanish teacher.

Vincente Lopez Confitería

Av. Maipu 701/707 Vincente Lopez, Buenos Aires 4791 7322 (

They have one kind of medialunas de grasa, which has a slight sweet exterior. Vincente Lopez is now our top choice for this flavour of crossiant: perfect crunch, just enough sweetness and not too oily. Still, our favorite original salty medialuna de grasa is the Confitería Antigua Belgrano, from my previous post. My eyes didn’t just linger on their medialunas; they have all kinds of cakes, chocolates, breads- a beautiful sight for sore eyes. Also, it was here I discovered another series of great pastries: Masas Seca and Masas Fina.

Masas Seca or Masas Fina, are little delicious bite-size pastries, representing the food culture in Buenos Aires. Masas fina are sweet bite-size pastries with some kind of mousse/cream fillings, which often needs to be refrigerated. On the otherhand, Masas seca doesn’t need to be refrigerated and has options of savory and sweet. Most of the time in a coffee shop, an order of coffee comes with some sort of one little sweet masas seca or masas fina, while the savories are eaten as snacks or accompanying wine. I chomped down one of each of the savories: poppy seed, dried red pepper, walnut, cardamom, fennel seed etc. My favorite is the cardamom flavor- Yum.

  1. […] my previous post about their notable confetería, I went back with friends to tryout their restaurant. Highly Recommended. It is up in the same tier […]

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