Rallies and Strikes

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on October 26, 2010 at 8:54 pm

One of the recent strike

Buenos Aires has an abundance of underutilized natural resources, but unfortunately the only commodity the people here are skillful at are, drum roll please, strikes, rallies and complaints. It seems all contributed by this country’s political injustice. Well, after a few months, this culture of inefficiency and slow-pace life has seeped into me, as I’m growing numb towards it. I’m getting lazier, shrugging when I can’t get my groceries because Chinatown went on a strike, rolling my eyes because my other half has a few more holidays for some reason; when the bank announces that they are protesting tomorrow, the teachers demanding low pay….This all has turned into white noise. Even though it may not effect my daily lifestyle tremendously, I am beginning to get annoyed recently at the inflation of food whenever I go grocery shopping. Soon, very soon, it’ll be me out on the street carrying a sign…..protesting: 8 pesos ($2) for 1 banana and 2 peppers?!  I miss Asia 🙂

Last week’s strike:


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