First Pizza

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on November 1, 2010 at 9:31 pm

The wall of recognition and the over-eager waiters


El Cuartito- 76+ Year Old Pizza Joint

Talcahuano 937, Centro, Buenos Aires 4816 1758

A good slice of pizza is the crunchy thin crust and the fresh ingredients. For me, the crust is the main ingredient of a good pizza, the texture isn’t too heavy that it overwhelms the taste buds and stomach after a few slices. Instead, it should be airy, crusty and thin-light, bringing out the flavors of the toppings. To top off a good slice, is the right amount of yummy sauce and fresh toppings.

I am a thin-crust girl; my top favorites being Delfina Pizzeria in San Francisco and Hidden Tree, in Beijing. Being here in BA, I haven’t found the desire to eat their infamous carbilious staples. The reasons? Thick-crust and singular (yawn) toppings.

Came across this pizza & hamburger dedicated site that I love:

Restaurant Critic: I came here, recommended by the locals who all knew this historical pizza joint. This cafeteria-like diner, is filled with old boxing posters, soccer pictures and jerseys. A quarter of this diner is designed as standing counters for quick eaters, sky-high pizza boxes waiting to be filled, and a half open kitchen. The rest was the sitting area with boy-like waiters having a gruff attitude, but giving great services.

Pizza Critic: Sorry, not my thin-crust style. Though, I know other people might say otherwise; the dough is airy, has a good crusty chew and the toppings are fresh. I enjoy the busy buzz of this place, more than the pizza itself.


  • the pizza (if you like soft, crusty, chewy kind)
  • old-world ambiance
  1. If you are in the mood for pizza in BA, check out Siamo nel Forno… it my opinion, by far the best pizza in Buenos Aires! Great blog btw

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