Pink Bread?!

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Main Entree

Vincente Lopez Restaurant (adjacent to the confeteriía)

Av. Maipu 701/707 Vincente Lopez, Buenos Aires 4791 7322 (

After my previous post about their notable confetería, I went back with friends to tryout their restaurant. Highly Recommended. It is up in the same tier as, Cafe San Juan.

Restaurant Critic: This beautiful restaurant is not difficult to point out at the old street, Maipu-it’s big, compared to the neighboring small shops. It has a old-style wooden interior, high ceiling with lights streaming through the french widows. The restaurant itself filled with heavy tables and leather chairs, with a bar and dessert spread in the back. All this is topped off with intricate, detail-oriented service by our host and waiter.

Food Critic: The breadbasket was addicting, a far cry from the typical porteños’ bread. The highlight for me, is the pink bread made of beets with a caramel sweet crust-OMG.

This restaurant is well known for their selections of tapas. The 4 tapas we had were tasty, my favorites being the potato croquettes and the calamari. The entrees were more than we can eat, with homemade beef ravioli accompany with a creamy butter sauce, sprinkled with pistachio nuts, foil baked chicken, goulash, and my Caesar salad. As if all that weren’t enough to impress us, the waiter continued to hand us more bread- and when paying the bill- masa secas (little endearing sweet bites), then fruity alcohol to clean our palate, and as we walked out the door stumbling, the host handed us…chocolate truffles. Smart. A fabulous way to keep customers loyal- shower them with freebies.

The damage? 4 tapas, coffee, drinks, 4 entrees: 100 pesos/person ($25). Not bad.


  • service with attention
  • freebies
  • pink bread
  • various tapas selection
  • overall delicious food
  • ambiance: great for special occasion, birthday, date etc


  • spanish omelette wasn’t impressive

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