In Yogi Writing on December 1, 2010 at 7:44 pm

2005 World Aids Day, Buenos Aires

Since young, I have a bad habit of being oblivious to issues that do not directly relate to me; this does not reflect well on me as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner- an ancient medicine that believes everything is interrelated to one another.

Since I was young, there were plenty of stories each year, year after year, about AIDS, yet it is not until 2 years ago that one story hit me straight to the gut. I blamed my clouded perceptions and my indifferences in the world; these stories I hear everyday are directly affecting millions of livelihoods, and come what may, will affect me directly one day. It was a good revelation. It was one of those that one will forever remember, especially when it reminds me of it each year, every year, on this World AIDS Day.

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