King of Alfajores

In Cafes, Drink n Sip & Lick on December 13, 2010 at 7:47 pm


Double shot of coffee with cream on top. 🙂

Sweets culture is an afternoon pass-time here, from munching on a big piece of chocolate bar, to siting down with some sort of dessert and coffee. Alfajores being one of the most convenient and common sweets eaten everywhere. Personally, this treat is a little too rich for my palate, though I admit very satisfying when I am dying of hunger.

Alfajores are in my opinion, two crumbly crunchy fist-size cookies glued together by a thick layer of sweetness; as if it is not enough, they decide to dip these devils in dark chocolate. This gruesome journey of gluing and dipping is then packed neatly into a crispy wax paper, ready to be unfolded like a present into one’s eager hand. My hand. Involuntarily this cookie is sent straight between my big teeth, as the crunch is accompanied with the melting chocolate. The teeth’s final destination sinks into the chewy, sticky, gooey fillings. Price? Affordable: 4 pesos ($1). Calories..Who’s counting?


This chain of cafe/chocolate vendors are scattered all around the city, noted as the elite alfajores of Argentina. Their assorted flavors of alfajores, wrapped in beautiful colors convince pedestrians that these devil cookies are a necessity, not a choice. The great thing about Havanna is the assorted flavors, ranging from white chocolate coating, dark chocolate coatings, to their varieties of fillings-a far cry from the too-sweet dulce de leche fillings local brands carry. Though my favorite of theirs are the chocolate bars: almond dark chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnut dark chocolate. They are so far the best dark chocolate I have ever had, and the most expensive: 16 pesos ($4).

Also notable are their coffees. 🙂


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