Who Needs Salad?

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Charred goodness


Grilled Cheese


La Cabrera Norte- Must go place with out-of-town visitors

Cabrera 5127, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4832 5754 (

I am always a rebel about going to places that are well-known by tourists, well, at least until a visitor visits from out-of-town and I’m pulled away from my egoistic morals and surrender to this big hunk of meat. I hate to have to admit it, but it was gooood.

Restaurant Critic: A professional-friendly restaurant suitable for family, dates and friends. Their outside seating scatters onto the cobble stone streets, with people waiting around to be seated. All of them with a complementary alcoholic drink in their hands, probably making up for the pain of watching steaks pouring out of the doors and onto the table. Unfortunately, no reservations can be made here. First come, first serve.

Food Critic: Be careful of how much you order, because each entree of steak comes with its own salad and another 2~3 little entrees. We also made a mistake where we thought one entree of steak, was just one steak- it ended up being three pieces of steak. Our hungry crowd ordered ojo de bife (prime ribs), medio lomo, grilled cheese with sun dried tomatoes, french fries and half an arm-length chorizo (sausage). Too much, but so good! Their steaks ranges from 50 pesos ~ 80 pesos ($12~20), half portions to order are available as well. My advice: cut down the bill by half-for a group of 4, order one steak and 1~2 entrees to share.


  • good meat
  • yummy grilled provolone cheese with sun dried tomato
  • professional, english-speaking service
  • lovely dips for bread, steak; I especially love the olive pate and the bell pepper dip.
  • complementary side entrees
  • complementary after-meal champagne and lollipop 🙂


  • chorizo
  • french fries

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