I Need Salad

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Chicken Wrap

Green-Go Salad- A Salty Experience

Ituzaingó 399, Partido de San Isidro, Buenos Aires 5788 0568 (, for other locations)

Over here one might think the culture of salads as the only veggie diet might inspire some creativity for more salad selections- but no- I’m always stuck in restaurants with the typical lettuce leaves, corn, arugula, etc.  Mmm, I crave for some crunchy texture, awesome dressings and home-made bread; I’m now thinking of my favorite salad cafe of all times, Cafe Intermezzo, in Berkeley, CA. Sorry Green-Go, my expectations for a good salad is fly-high since then.

Restaurant Critic: Plastic white chairs and tables all around with innovative wall decor that matches the concept of their website. Their ambiance is fun and hip environment, young and old people waiting in line to take in something healthy.

Food Critic: The menu has great potential following with cheap prices; the menu consists of already-created salads, make-your-own salad, wraps, soups, stir-fried veggies and baked potatoes. The service is friendly and the food is made fast. Unfortunately, lack of innovation is clearly seen as dressings are repeated often in their made salads and wraps; the content of the salads are just a minus and plus from a typical salad bar.


  • very affordable
  • nice ambiance
  • good service
  • a healthy choice


  • overly salty dressing
  • tasteless meat
  • imitation crab?
  • generic salad bar


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