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In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on January 15, 2011 at 12:12 am

Guía Epicureo

Guía Epicúreo App- The Equivalent of Yelp

Yes. I am a sucker for any tech that begins with an ‘i’ or has an image of an apple. We all know, the apps are the funnest part of owning this phone, and just recently I stumbled upon the app that is equivalent of the Yelp back home.

App Critic: Highly recommended for low-blood sugar foodies who turn into a monster if not fed at the right time. That’s Me. This app is categorized into: neighborhood search, cuisine search, and nearest restaurants with GPS, reviews, ratings and price range. Haven’t tried it yet-there is a button to call the restaurant for reservations as well as a button to call taxi. How awesome.


  • a decent list of restaurants
  • good for last minute hunger, searching for the closest food
  • user-friendly: love the navigations and the map
  • good reviews to go by: food, price and ambiance
  • restaurants listed has complete info: opening time, payment options, smoking etc


  • all in spanish
  • no search button for specific restaurants
  • not a whole lot of restaurants listed (maybe because it is free)


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