Moroccan and Cocktails

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on January 19, 2011 at 6:47 pm

The Ambiance



Bereber- Moroccan Oasis

Armenia 1880, Palermo, Buenos Aires 4833 5622


What does a spoiled asian girl got to do to have her dirt-cheap pho and red curry re-locate to Buenos Aires? My stubbornness of not wanting to pay for a 12 dollar bland curry, nor eating a tasteless chowmien has reduced down to me cooking a lot in my kitchen.

Today is no different. It is a special day and I am sick of having to choose between meat, cheese and carbs, and I refuse to cook..again. Of course-Moroccan food. There are lots of Armenian and middle-eastern food options in Buenos Aires, and I have been dying to check out this place. The verdict? I will come back again, though in terms of flavors, dip options and fresh warm bread-my vote may just lean towards El Manto.

Restaurant Critic: Walking into this quiet intimate candle-lit restaurant, I was giving the options of floor seatings, table seatings, and roof-top seatings. The subtle middle-eastern wall drawings and decorations sets off the mood perfectly for a different food experience.

Food Critic: The pastilla is tastlicious. The layers of phyllo pastry wrapped around chicken, almonds, raisins and then sprinkled with powdered sugar is to die for. The fruity cocktails are a must-order – lots of flavor, lots of fruits and not too sugary. Overall, a good experience. The price is surprisingly affordable, especially in a city of expensive ethnic options. Two starters, one entree, two drinks: 149 pesos ($38).


  • delicious pastilla
  • service and ambiance
  • olives with cumin spice
  • good combination of flavors


  • bread basket: lack of good pita breads, or thin pita chips
  • the missing flavor and juiciness of the meat

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