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This is a great find for anyone who is a food snob and with an odd addiction to being healthy. (That’s me.) Simple menu and fresh fresh ingredients. An easy place to trek back for some juices, dessert or something to eat. Funny how one of the investors in the restaurant is the Green&Go company, the salad cafe that I didn’t enjoy too much a few weeks back.

Cafe Mooi

Cuba 1985, Belgrano, Buenos Aires 4783 9000

Cafe Critic: Intimate colorful environment. In one corner there are comfortable booths; the other side with sofas. Whole place is surrounded by colorful textiles and wooden chairs.

Juice: They have wonderful big glass of juices, ranging 9~19 pesos (2~4.50dollars), berries with kiwi, orange juice, apple with ginger etc. I love the little side notes on the menu about sugar or without sugar, honey etc.


  • loads of veggie options- veggie burger is the next try
  • juices are highly recommended
  • varieties of breakfast menu
  • fresh fresh salad, with simple olive/vinegar on the side. Two thumbs up for the alfafa sprouts.
  • menu options for non veggies and veggies
  • affordable prices, ~20($5) pesos for sets of breakfast, 40($10) pesos for lunch deals, and 25~30(6~7.50) pesos for sandwiches, salads, rolls, tarts


  • nothing really, although their paper menu is a bit run down. 🙂
  1. When I was in BA three years ago, I spent every weekday morning in the predecessor to this restaurant having my breakfast, orange juice, coffee and aqua con gas. Sadly, I am a celiac. It then morphed into a ice cream parlor, and then to its present form. I looked at it last year, but due to inflation I am cooking and eating at home.I will give it another look this year.

  2. I had a not so great experience at Mooi – I LOVE the atmosphere but the food was just meeeeh. I’ll have to go back and give it another try

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