Healthy Ice Cream

In Drink n Sip & Lick, Heladerias on February 28, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Frozen Yog

Awhile back in San Fran, everyone was talking about frozen yogurts+ toppings. To me, it was fresh and interesting in the beginning. I liked it: a few renovating topping and I even contemplated about how ‘healthy’ it was. Unfortunately, all positive thoughts fizzled when store after store opened everywhere- a bit too much. I’ve heard about this trend of frozen yogurt starting up here; after reading BA Foodies‘s recent article, it got me inspired to give it a try. I’m curious. If frozen yogurt can survive in one of the best cream cities in the world, then it must be smackingly good.


Maure 1884, Las Canitas, Buenos Aires 4779 1384 (

Heladeria Critic: The space is clean, white and spacious. They have enough varieties of toppings and the frozen yogurt comes in three flavors: natural, chocolate and passion fruit. I liked the natural yogurt with oreos and fruits. Though I much rather prefer to take 2 huge bites out of the Banana Split in Volta. For a small healthy cup + 3 toppings: 12 pesos ($3). Not bad, for a healthy snack.


  • creamy thick texture of the frozen yogurt
  • good space and price
  • options of coffee and smoothies


  • Meh topping choices: the fruit toppings were not ultra-fresh, and the fun toppings didn’t stand out. (I heart the mochi nuggets at Red Mango.)
  • chocolate frozen yogurt was okay.

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