Finding California Burger

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on March 2, 2011 at 8:26 pm

Spicy Wings

Fresh Guac

Look at that burger

The Office

Arévalo 3031, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires 2050 3942


One of my many missions is to find delicious North American grub without subduing to chain restaurants like Kansas Bar & Grill and TGI Fridays. As I’m biting into this burger, it’s a great feeling knowing I’m supporting expats in BA: like me, building a business from passion and heart. And as I chewed and chewed, I realized this is one of the damned best burger I had so far in BA.

Restaurant Critic: The white cold-like appearance from the outside may seem standoffish but once walking in, the warm wooden interior of the restaurant was a great welcome. The gem of this place is the spacious wooden terrace upstairs. This is where all the fun is: a big wall to screen movies from the projector. After eating there and distractingly watching Madonna’s performance, I’m now inspired to go to her concert.

Food Critic: Spectacular. The crunchy sweet-chili spicy wings were superb as well as the guacamole and salsa verde for the chips. The burger was the best burger we’ve tried so far in Buenos Aires. I’m also impressed by the options: California Burger (with Avocado), BBQ Bacon, Chicken and Vegetarian. The patty had a nice grilled-smoky flavor, and the bun was the perfect bite. Good short menu with wings, nachos, salads and burgers. 28~33 pesos for dishes ($~7). Very affordable. *Ask for their condiments to go with the burger. My favorite: honey-mustard and ranch.


  • great food, and service: awesome burger and appetizers
  • affordable
  • condiments are a great touch
  • passion fruit caprihina is a must try
  • superb hangout place


  • beer selections limited
  • could do better with the french fries
  • chicken burger was okay
  1. tried the spicy chicken wings and californian burger last night – so good!!

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