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Melt in the mouth roll

breakfast spread

Still hungry?

Brunch. The best meal of the week. Imagine a beautiful spread of scones, muffins, pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage,  syrup, croissants, unlimited mocha, and biscuits…*salivating.  In BA, a good brunch place, like Café Crespín, is like a rare jewel- a true treasure for breakfast addicts like me, as Sunday mornings come around and I find myself back in that cafe again, and again.

Café Crespín

Vera 699, Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires 4855 3771


Cafe Critic: Stashed away in a quiet part of town, the endearing cafe holds a slight resemblance of a local diner; the waiters with aprons delivering coffees and milkshakes, the laughter and noise coming from the kitchen, and the smell of bacon and fresh pastries wafting in the air. I also can never forget a place that has a display of mouth-watering desserts.

Breakfast Critic: All good. Need I say more? French Toast-good. Eggs cooked to perfection-check. Cinnamon Bun- soft, melt-in-your-mouth good. Coffee- great. Price: 75pesos ($18) for mimosa, coffee, pastry of your choice, eggs, french toast, bacon or smoked salmon. A la carte also an option.


  • fresh delicious baked goods
  • soft, cake-like brioche french toast, with berries, and syrup
  • cinnamon roll
  • coffee
  • service
  • ambiance
  • bacon and eggs


  • bagel sandwich with smoked salmon and cream cheese was mediocre, more so the bagel itself.
  • more breakfast options; how about bagel with poached egg in hollandaise  sauce? Omelets and pancakes of all sorts? 🙂



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