Seducing with Chocolate

In Shopping, The Piglet Oinking on March 17, 2011 at 9:21 pm

Beautiful Wrapping


Hot Chocolate

Chocolate plays a big role in this city: crunchy goodness sold in the supermarket, displays of chocolate molds in the centre’s traditional chocolate stores, and dessert of all things chocolate in bakeries and restaurants. And even after all that chocolate, there are these beautiful handfuls of artisanal chocolate boutique shops. This is one of the very few in BA.

This beautiful store visually swipes me off my feet and enticed my sweet tooth; how ignorant I was, thinking chocolate was just chocolate. The store itself is beautiful, and the display of chocolates are Mmm sexy; their chocolate ginger truffle was divine. Expensive? Very. 5 pesos ($1.25) for a truffle, and 20 pesos ($4.25) for a small bar of dark almond chocolate. For Argentine chocolate, this store did a great job.

Vasalissa Chocolatier

Alvear 402, Martínez (they have stores around the city)


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