Chef Mun

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Complimentary Platters

Korean food

Ha Na Jung

Bacacay 3195, Flores, Buenos Aires 4613 0705

I’m dedicating this post to Chef Mun: the chef behind the current talked up closed-door restaurant, Casa Mun; without his help, my friend Mary and I would never have stumbled upon this restaurant-satiating us some ghetto Korean cravings. If down and dirty is not your style, Casa Mun’s food is the perfect reedition of Korean food with the hint of Japanese and Chinese fusion.

Restaurant Critic: The restaurant reminds me of my korean friends’ big old living room space, with scrumptious food cooked by moms and grandmas. The unrecognizable sign, suspicious dark streets, cafeteria-style environment, and koreans gathering around the table is a delight to anyone who grew up in third world countries.

Food Critic: Complimentary side dishes of korean sushi, kimchee, salads, noodles, with what seems like the endless array of grilled rib-eye, octopus, and  sweet-marinated beef just kept us going for the whole night. Surprisingly by then end, the 6 of us inhaled the whole table, downed it with a few bottles of soujiu and beer- all for 70 pesos ($18) each.


  • family-style service: quick and friendly
  • do-it-yourself grilling: tender octopus, slabs of rib-eyes, my personal favorite is the fatty pork and sweet-marinated beef
  • unlimited complimentary side dishes: my favorite is their green bean noodle salad
  • korean whole grain rice served with dishes


  • need to polish up Korean to order (or like me, steal the list from Chef Mun)
  • Kimchee fried rice was clump up, taste was good, but texture wasn’t what I anticipated

  1. This place looks so good! We love Bi Won (Korean) in Barrio Norte, but we don’t have Chef Mun on our list of underground restaurants yet –
    Mental note!

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