A Good Beer

In Drink n Sip & Lick, Over 18 on March 31, 2011 at 3:25 pm

English pub ambience

Good ole' rich beer


Perú 895, San Telmo, Buenos Aires 4362 5310

Bar Critic: An English pub style, their wooden interior decor brings this already small space to another level of warmness and coziness;  the center of this pub has a well- stocked bar, blackboard menus hanging, and a long wooden counter to hangout. My kind of place for a good beer.

Drinks: I love me a good beer, not to say it is surprisingly affordable during happy hour: ales, stouts, lagers. Mmm. Frothy, cold beer and only dropping down 15 pesos ($3.75) during happy hour. We all know it’s not easy to get good cheap beers here- I almost thought about packing my bags and moving to San Telmo, especially when I hear they serve a mean spicy curry.


  • straight-forward service
  • love their beers
  • affordable
  • easy-going ambience


  • makes me think: why doesn’t this exist everywhere else in the city?

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