A Well Kept Secret

In Eating Out, The Piglet Oinking on April 7, 2011 at 4:02 pm

Pan Fried Gyoza

Japanese Salad

Buckroot Salad

Grilled rice ball

Japanese Omelette


Green tea mousse


Iberá 2424, Belgrano, Buenos Aires 4544 1850 (only with reservation)

This article inspired today’s post: Japanese food. If you understand Japanese’s cuisine outside of the sushi realm, then this is heaven for you- as it was for me: grilled rice, buckroot salad, gyoza, Japanese omelette, etc.

Restaurant Critc: This place is run by a Japanese mom with her daughters; the service is intimate, family-friendly, and full of smiles. Their location is a bit out of my ordinary areas, but once walking into the zen tranquility and Japanese setting, it takes me back to the time I was in Japan; my growing excitement at seeing dishes coming out of the kitchen, made with precision, love and care.

Food Critic: Looking at the menu, I fully understand why the cliental are Japanese; besides the standard sushi, the menu caters to other important parts of Japanese cuisine- bar food, street food, and home cooked food. The impressive menu did promise a good meal; the quality of each dish were excellent, the flavors were authentic, and each dish was abundant. Their dishes range from 30-100 pesos, sushi are in the 100’s and all others within the 30’s range; with a few glasses of their Japanese plum wine, delicious sakes, and over 9 dishes, we spent about 200 pesos each. Every penny was worth it.


  • the variety of Japanese dishes
  • good quality and taste on par with the prices
  • seclusive environment
  • family-style
  • love the gyozas, buckroot salad, green tea mousse, salads, grilled goods- all good.


  • they should eliminate the cream cheese from one of their rolls
  • don’t order the japanese omelette if you don’t like mayo 🙂

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