No Alcohol Allowed

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bread basket

shawarma set

Al Zein

Arce 488, Las Cañitas, Buenos Aires 4775 1402


I’m delighted to discover in BA a local joint serving up cheap middle eastern dishes alongside the familiar quick service and their fascinating traditions- no alcohol. Really? (sigh) Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy the once in a while good fancy middle eastern-inspired meal, but after a long day’s work during the week, there is no place better than a no frill service, throwing down good ole’ cheap Middle Eastern food.

Restaurant Critic: The aroma of the roasting meat from the counter fills up the whole restaurant along with a display of take-it-to-go appetizers and sweet baklava. The restaurant is simple, airy, with an outdoor seating, and the strong presence of the Middle Eastern tradition.

Food Critic: Their babaganoush (eggplant salad) was delicious, with a good hint of smokey flavor. My other half agreed-the best he had so far. Surprisingly stated when he had his fair share of it when living in Kuwait. I love the thin tortilla-like naan, soft and light, allowing more room to enjoy the dishes; accompanying the delicious shawarma was the creamy rich yogurt, and pickled onion. Cheap and good: appetizers 17 pesos ($4) each and mains about 22 pesos ($5.25).


  • overall a delicious meal
  • quick service
  • love the babaganoush (eggplant salad)
  • thin-like naan
  • creamy thick yogurt
  • cheap


  • meat a bit dry
  • hummus was not the best we have had
  • too much lettuce in the tabouleh
  1. Sounds nice. Have you been to Sarki’s? They do some great middle eastern food at very reasonable prices.

  2. Yeup, but I like this how there isn’t a lot of hype about it. I love to support unnoticed places… 😀

  3. just ordered delivery from al zein tonight – babaganoush was great! also really loved the yogurt sauce

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