Hot Sauce

In Shopping, The Piglet Oinking on April 12, 2011 at 6:19 pm

La Boca Roja

Hot sauce is a necessity; a kitchen commodity; the key component to complete a delicious dish. In my case, I put it on everything; you name it I splash it on: bacon, french fries, milanesa, chicken wings, hamburgers, pizza etc. Since arriving in BA, the nonexistence of spicy cuisine leaves me no choice but to obsessively search high and low for sweat-induced food/ingredients. Well, up until I landed on Ya Ya Bean’s hot sauce and fell in love; I loved it so much that I’m contemplating about being their next door neighbor.

Just a dab on the tongue has me blasting to another planet. It’s HOT. Though what makes it perfect is the right amount of salt and the playful flavors of cumin, onion and garlic.  A well made bottle. Not to say, it’s very affordable with a generous pour: 20 pesos ($5) for the small one and 50 pesos ($12.50) for their big one. Oh, and they deliver to your door.

Ya Ya Bean’s La Boca Roja

Ya Ya Bean is formed by two best friends from DC, who worked on an organic farm in Patagonia, and musicians by trade. To know more about them, they can be seen on youtube, documenting their journey making and selling it to customers in San Telmo fair.

Location: Every Sunday at San Telmo Fair, on Defensa near Alsina.

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  2. […] could maybe understand how brussel sprouts could be delicious. Though it is only when I came upon Ya Ya Bean’s hot sauce, at the same time seeing fresh brussel sprouts sold right around the corner that I […]

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