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The Chicken that Cooks

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From Our Chicken

This is a great reminder of my everyday encounter in China reading painfully-hilarious Chinglish translations. I stumbled upon this a few nights ago at a Chinese owned Japanese restaurant, on Santa Fe. I can’t help wondering if this translation was a mistake, or the chinese porteños are withholding their Chinglish traditions here in BA. In any case, I would love to try dishes that are made from a chicken chef 🙂


A Truckload of Meat

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on December 10, 2010 at 12:48 am

The slaughtering

The loading zone of Coto Supermarket is right infront of our apartment, busy during daytime, trucks in and out, produce loading and unloading-nothing out of the ordinary-until that one day. I walked home and caught sight of this truck backing out from the driveway with a truckload full of left-over chunks of meat, and on top of this meaty hill was a guy sitting there, making sure the meat stays right where it belongs, in the truck, away from barking dogs. Generously, as the truck drove away, the guy threw a big chunk of meat to the dog. The dog was happy. I wasn’t that pleased..where was my roast for dinner?

25 Hrs?

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Kiosko, scattered throughout every block, the concept similar to what we call convenient stands back home. One of the popular chain stand is called, Open 25 hours. I had to laugh.

Do the people of BA know, there are only 24 hours in a day? Or does the confusion of an afternoon siesta,  late dinner, and drawn out nightlife make this country believe their day has increased by an hour? And also, Open 25 Hours does not open 24 hours a day?!! Cmon, look at our 7-Elevens in North America, run by mostly Indians, open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day (Husband note: And always have Slurpees!). Now, that is what I call: dedication.

The Future of BA: Legalizing Cannabis?

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on November 22, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I love the little creatures holding hands

Waiting around the magazine stand, I caught this magazine buried right in the midst of various magazines, newspapers, books and way too much ‘over 18+ magazines’. I’m humored and surprised. I know these green leaves are amazing, but did they read the recent NYTimes news about Marijuana Users Who Started Before 16? Either way..go Cannabis Social Club, smoke away and liberate the porteños for the future generation!

Rallies and Strikes

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on October 26, 2010 at 8:54 pm

One of the recent strike

Buenos Aires has an abundance of underutilized natural resources, but unfortunately the only commodity the people here are skillful at are, drum roll please, strikes, rallies and complaints. It seems all contributed by this country’s political injustice. Well, after a few months, this culture of inefficiency and slow-pace life has seeped into me, as I’m growing numb towards it. I’m getting lazier, shrugging when I can’t get my groceries because Chinatown went on a strike, rolling my eyes because my other half has a few more holidays for some reason; when the bank announces that they are protesting tomorrow, the teachers demanding low pay….This all has turned into white noise. Even though it may not effect my daily lifestyle tremendously, I am beginning to get annoyed recently at the inflation of food whenever I go grocery shopping. Soon, very soon, it’ll be me out on the street carrying a sign…..protesting: 8 pesos ($2) for 1 banana and 2 peppers?!  I miss Asia 🙂

Last week’s strike:


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Landing Safely


Flying for a weekend trip and I was amused by the custom of Argentinians- clapping and cheering whenever the plane lands. Don’t get me wrong, I am more than ecstatic that we landed on proper ground, but..Seriously, isn’t that the pilot’s job? Or is it not? Should I be cautious that planes here don’t always land.

On the other hand, I may love this custom; all my students will be clapping at the end of my yoga class or giving me a high-five when my needles are inserted properly. 😉

Where is the Dog Walker?

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on September 17, 2010 at 9:29 am

We are a little bored...

Oh well, since we are waiting, we might as well be promiscuous....

Being a dog owner, one of the first things I notice arriving here was the amount of dogs in Buenos Aires; and the amount of dog walkers walking 10 dogs at one time- makes me laugh. For example, my friend pays around 75 dollars/month for the dog walker to walk her dog daily, four hours a day. It is quite worth it, especially when it gets to have some daily contact with other dogs 😉

The Suspicious Coffee Trolley

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on September 2, 2010 at 4:54 pm

Coffee with Pastries

I’ve seen these carts wherever I go. It warms my heart, reminding me of the Twitter-Following-Food-Carts in SF, the new hype for foodies in the bay area. I still want to try the creme brulee man.

So back to Buenos Aires. With my street food loving-asian gene, I approached the cart cautiously. Without noticing me, the guy started attempting unsanitary actions; which I am too disgusted to put it into details. After his health code violation, he then started to rearrange the pastries.. In the end, I decided the best thing to do is to keep walking and forget about this scarred experience.

Train Bandits

In I'm a Newbie, Laughs on August 5, 2010 at 11:44 pm

The Train Station

The great thing about our apartment is, we live right by the train station, which means we are also right next to the taxi stand. Taxi stands are located at every train stations. This is how close we are to the train station; if we fall out of our window, we’ll land right on the roof of the train.

Quirk of the train station: The other day, being a law-abiding residence in BA we spend 5 minutes at the ticket machine purchasing our .80 peso/per ticket as streams of people pass through the train station without tickets or swiping cards. We got confused. Why aren’t they paying for their fares?

So we asked around and realize people in general don’t pay to go on trains; they just hop on and hop off.

Our jaws dropped- Really??

So yesterday, we stumbled around in the rain, drunk after 2 bottles of wine, debating either to wait in the long line of taxi or take the train tomamos el tren. A minute of pause came between us and I know we were both deciding to pay the fares or just jump on. Before we could even decide, the train came, we looked at each other, shrugged and jumped on. “C’mon”, we argued. “It was just one stop and we didn’t want to spend over 5 minutes at the old ticket machine, struggling to get our tickets.”

We got off at the next stop and so far we haven’t been caught. Crossing fingers.

The should-already-be-retired ticket machines in BA

  • they only accept coins
  • they only accept perfect change
  • they don’t accept every coin
  • they just don’t work


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I have to upload this picture I took while in the bus. There are BA fans watching my favorite TV show. Awesome. Go TrueBlood!

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